The Locker Room Club

Thank you for your interest in The Locker Room Club.  Here is some information on it as well as FAQ's.
  • How do I enroll in The Locker Room Club program?
Enrollment is automatic when placing an order but an order is not required to join. Joining the program is free and easy! Simply provide your email address, first and last name, phone number, and zip code.  You’ll be signed up in a matter of minutes!
  • Can multiple members of my family have a Locker Room Club Account. Can we connect all of our accounts as a family?
Not at this time. Multiple people can be logged in to the same account, so the best way to do this is to have everyone in your family logged into the same account on their mobile device, or identify the primary account holder’s name, email address when making a purchase. If you wish to merge multiple accounts into a single account, you can contact us via email to 
  • Does membership expire?
Yes, points can expire at the end of a one year period following the last purchase. There are no annual or maintenance fees required for the program.  The program is also subject to cease at any time or for any reason.  Also, points applied incorrectly to wholesale, team or other accounts maybe be suspended or terminated at any time. 
  • Can I cancel my Locker Room Club Membership?
Yes, your membership can be closed at any time by contacting us at  Please specify the email address connected to the account and please let us know why you would like to close it.  If you cancel a membership, all points and unused points/awards associated with the account will be forfeited and cannot be recovered. No value will be issued for unused points or awards. If you choose to re-open an account, prior points, purchases, and awards will not be reflected in your account.
  • I have two Locker Room accounts. Can I combine them into one?
Yes, please email with the details on the two accounts.  Please note, any welcome bonuses or unearned bonuses cannot be combined under both accounts.  Points transferred into the main account will only reflect points earned via purchases or other earned points thru offers. When emailing, please ensure that you have complete account information for all of the accounts you are trying to merge.
  • What are the different tiers?
There are three different tiers in the Locker Room Club program.  These tiers are earned based on total points earned in a specified period.  These points are not eligible to be earned on team purchases, wholesale retailer purchases or other large bulk purchases when discounts are already applied or other consideration has been given.
  • What are the tiers and earned benefit?
350 points = 5% discount on your order
700 points = 10% discount on your order
1250 points = 20% discount on your order
These discounts are applicable at the time of purchase and cannot be combined with any other offer. Discount may not be applied to multiple purchases.
The Locker Room Club Points
  • What are points, and how are they earned?
Points are earned on qualifying purchases online at only or via phone orders at Pacific Rink. Point are not eligible for purchases made a retailer or other POS other than at or at Pacific Rink's main phone number. Points are earned based on the final amount displayed on your receipt, after discounts, point rewards, gift cards, and other eligible adjustments. Points are not earned on shipping expenses, tax, promotional discounts, or other ineligible price adjustments. Points are earned based on the final receipt value of your transaction, rounded down to the nearest dollar. Please note that points may take approximately 48 hours to be reflected on your account.
  • I recently made a purchase, but don’t see any points. Where are my points?
It can take up to 48 hours for points to be reflected in your account. Please note that for online orders, points are applied to your account after your order ships, not when the order is placed. If you made a purchase more than 7 days ago and the points are still not reflected in your account, please email
  • Do points have any monetary value?
Points do not have any monetary value and cannot be exchanged, transferred, or sold.
  • Do points expire?
Yes, Points do expire one year after your last purchase or if the program is terminated at any point in the future, with or without notice.
  • What happens to my points when I return items?
Points will be deducted from your account when you make a return that was originally purchased using your Locker Room Club account. It’s possible that your Locker Room Club account could have a negative points balance after products are returned.
  • When can I start earning points?
You will start accumulating points as soon as you join the program and make an eligible purchase! Please note that points will only be earned if you identify yourself using your email address, phone number, or other unique identifier.
Can points be transferred to a family member, friend, or teammate?
Points cannot be transferred to anyone else. If you wish to merge multiple accounts into a single account, you can email  Please be sure and provide as much information on both accounts when doing so.
Earning points on Gift Cards
  • Can I earn points on Gift Cards?
You do not earn points when you purchase a Gift Card, but you do earn points when you use the Gift Card.
  • Can I earn points on shipping?
You do not earn points on shipping fees. 
The Locker Room Club Email Bonus Rewards
  • What are Bonus Rewards?
Bonus Rewards are limited time rewards that could be allocated as a Bonus during a limited run period.  These points are issued with a specific use period and are not redeemable or cannot be restored following the Bonus period.
  • Where can I redeem my Locker Room Club Rewards?
Locker Room Club Rewards are valid at our website, or via phone orders. 
  • Can I save up my points for a larger reward?
Yes, we have 3 present tiers, each yielding a greater reward benefit based on points earned.
  • What if I lose my email with my Locker Room Club Rewards email?
No problem! All of our points and activity are stored on our site.  You will be able to redeem these points utilizing the email address associated with the rewards. 
  • The Locker Room Club Offering and Disclosure

Pacific Rink is offering The Locker Room Club Loyalty Program at its sole discretion. Points do not have any monetary value and cannot be exchanged, transferred, or sold.  In all cases, should the program be modified, changed or dissolved at the sole discretion of Pacific Rink, there will be a zero $$ value attached to any point within your Locker Room Club Account.  Pacific Rink reserves the right to modified, change or dissolve the club at any time or for any reason without any compensation to any party or without notice. Pacific Rink is offering the Locker Room Club Account as a zero dollar value value added program that has NO MONETARY VALUE unless it is utilized prior to any termination of the plan, with or without notice. By shopping on Pacific Rink's website, you hereby accept the terms of this program without reservation and without any warranties or representations.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions on this site for further clarity on all website terms and conditions.